A Complete Range of Prepress Services

Color Optics offers full prepress capabilities to ensure that every job is executed seamlessly and delivered with exceptional service.

Color Optics prepress steps include structural design, page layout, type-setting, image positioning, retouching and color correction. Our team prepares digital files, so they can be mechanically reproduced.

Digital Asset Management

Color Optics offers multiple ways to quickly, safely and securely upload data to our system. Clients can manipulate and archive large digital files at very high speeds using our digital asset management system. With a standard web browser, assets can be searched, reviewed, catalogued and easily downloaded.

Digital Picture Replacement

Digital Picture Replacement (DPR) is a proprietary ColorOptics’ process. DPR takes an original image and incorporates a new or updated subject while keeping the basic layout the same. DPR eliminates the expense of new photography by using pictures on file.